Shorinzan Daruma Temple

Shorinzan Daruma Temple

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  • There is benefit of matchmaking and good matchBenefit of matchmaking, good match
  • There is benefit about studiesBenefit of studies, study
  • Stall, shops form a lineStall, shops form a line
  • We get mascotWe get mascot
  • We can hit Bells on New Year's EveWe can hit Bells on New Year's Eve
  • Dedication such as noh dance, drum is seenThere is dedication such as noh dance, drum
  • There is event, city, treasure visitThere is event, city, treasure visit

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Gunma | 296, Hanadakamachi, Takasaki-shi

This temple enshrining Hokushin Chintaku Reifuson was established as a protective temple on the unlucky quarter of Maebashi Castle in the Edo period, and has been worshipped as one of Japan’s three most holy temples of Hoyoke (the protection for removing calamities related to direction). It is also famous as the first temple of fortune Dharma dolls. Many worshippers come to offer the first prayers of the new year in the beginning of the year, to ask for protection for removing calamities related to direction, and to look for Dharma dolls. The Shorinzan Nanakusa Festival Dharma Fair is held on January 6 and 7. The time of 2:00 a.m. on the seventh is considered a lucky day when Reifuson descended and the fair abounds with many people from the Eve Festival held on the sixth. This is Japan’s biggest Dharma Fair where prayers to remove calamities related to direction are solemnly held at the Reifu Hall in the main hall and the Dharma dolls shops and vendor stalls lined up in the precincts.

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About time for sunrise
If there are obstacles such as mountains in direction that the sun rises, time for sunrise becomes late, and, also, it becomes early when we see from mountains of high altitudes. Based upon the foregoing, please consider as indication of outing at sunrise time.
For details, it is in HP of (Coast Guard Hydrographic & Oceanographic Department).

Basic information

Access (railroad) It is approximately 12 minutes by taxi from JR Takasaki Station
It is five minutes by approximately 18 minutes on foot, taxi from JR Gumma-Yawata Station
Access (car) It is approximately 30 minutes from Kanetsu Expressway Takasaki IC or Maebashi IC
It is 35 minutes from approximately 30 minutes, Matsuida Myougi IC from Joshinetsu Expressway Fujioka IC
Traffic instructions There is traffic regulation in Dharma Fair (January 6 12:00 - 7th 17:00), and there is temporary free parking lot
Parking lot Free of charge
Reference shorinsantatsumaji 027-322-8800
Crowd of average year Approximately 200,000 (period on Dharma Fair January 6, 7th)
Benefit The direction means to ward off evil, business prosperity, my wife security, kaiummanekifuku, good match accomplishment, disease recovery others which are
Rate Free of charge

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