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Niigata | Tainai-shi

If we approach with quietness and demand the forthcoming mountains and clear stream which clean water drifts to, the depths interior of the womb is place that deserves at all to be.

Basic information

The location Mt. Shimoarasawa, Tainai-shi, Niigata interior of the womb 1202-49
Reference Tainai-shi business and industry sightseeing section
TEL 0254-43-6112
FAX 0254-43-7392

Business period Visit
●Business period: From October to November (colored leaves)

Access ・It is 90 minutes by car from JR Uetsu Main Line "Nakajo Station"
・It is 50 minutes by car from Nihon-kai Tohoku Expressway "Nakajo IC"

Others Parking lot normal car: 50