Ashino Park

Ashino Park
  • Tunnel of Cherry TreesTunnel of cherry tree
  • The shore/bank of a river, dikeShore, the bank of a river, dike
  • We look from vehicleWe look from vehicle
  • The playground equipment, animals and plants garden, theme parkIt is next to the animals and plants garden with playground equipment, theme park
The flowering situation
40-60% in bloom 40-60% in bloom 40-60% in bloom (as of April 25, 2019)

Ashino Park information site

Time, in full bloom of flower
The late April and early May

| Kanagicho, Goshogawara-shi, Aomori Ashino grounds

Approximately 1,500 cherry trees and 1,800 pine trees have been planted in this 80 hectares garden. The cherry trees are especially stunning in the Tsugaru Peninsula. Many people visit the Cherry Blossoms Festival held from Golden week. The park also has a monument in memory of Osamu Dazai’s literature and a bronze statue that was erected in 2009.

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Basic information

First View Point Tunnel of cherry tree of Tsugaru railroad Ashino-Koen Station is particular.
Access (railroad) It is immediate on foot from Tsugaru railroad Ashino-Koen Station
Access (car) It is about 40 minutes from Tohoku Expressway Namioka IC
Traffic instructions As road is crowded very much, we recommend the use of public transport
We are going to establish temporary parking lot (or we establish temporary parking lot in average year)
Parking lot Pay
Reference Kanagi business and industry society (Cherry Blossom Festival executive committee) 0173-52-2611
Goshogawara-shi sightseeing product section 0173-35-2111
Cherry Blossom Festival Kanagi Sakura Festival
End of April - 5 beginning
Going to see cherry blossoms at night We overcharge boom in total, and 140 turn on in row of cherry blossom trees and garden of Ashino Park
End of April - 5 beginning
Opening of the park, closing time 24 hours opening
Stall It is about 100 stores around park entrance
The right or wrong of banquet Possible
Instructions of banquet We are prohibited from open fire
Entrance rate Free of charge

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  • There are no neighboring spots.

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