Tsuruga-jo Castle Park

Tsuruga-jo Castle Park
  • Natural beauty spot, historic site, famous temple with a venerable historyNatural beauty spot, historic site, famous temple with a venerable history
  • The site of castle, moatThe site of castle, moat
  • Hot spring, footbathHot spring, footbath
The flowering situation
Begin to fall Begin to fall Begin to fall (as of April 25, 2019)

Tsuruga-jo Castle park information site

Time, in full bloom of flower
The mid-April and late April

| 1-1,Oute-machi,Aizuwakamatsu-shi,Fukushima

Tsurugajyo Castle is a symbol of the Aizu Matsudaira feudal domain of 23 koku (1 koku is 5.12 U.S. bushels) known for the tragic story of Byakko-tai. About 1,000 cherry trees such as the Yoshino cherry, Edohigan cherry, Weeping cherry and Wild cherry trees bloom in the castle park. The scene is fairytale-like when the cherry blossoms that are lit up are reflected on the surface of the moat at night.This is one of Japan’s best 100 places famous for cherry blossoms.Moreover, Tiles of the castle tower reproduces the atmosphere of the Edo period with its rare red roof tiles. It is the 50th anniversary of the reconstruction this year. - - -

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Basic information

First View Point Around main enclosure becomes oasis among cherry trees. We can take a walk with cherry blossoms as guide from Sannomaru, the Kitade-maru, each Nishide-maru entrance.
Access (railroad) "Tsuruga-jo Castle entrance" getting off is about 5 minutes on foot for JR Aizuwakamatsu Station karamachinaka tour bus (Haikara-san) about ten minutes
Access (car) It is about 15 minutes via Route 49, 118 size from Banetsu Expressway Aizu Wakamatsu IC
Traffic instructions As road is crowded very much, we recommend the use of public transport
In addition, (we establish temporary parking lot)
Parking lot Pay
Reference Aizu Wakamatsu sightseeing bureau (flowering information) 0242-27-4005
Aizu Wakamatsu sightseeing bureau 0242-23-8000
Aizuwakamatsu-shi sightseeing section 0242-39-1251
Cherry Blossom Festival Tsuruga-jo Castle Cherry Blossom Festival
From April 5 to May 6
Events to light up Tsuruga-jo Castle, and to feature the theme of sake drunk under the cherry blossoms, samurai in spring garden plant market, great shooting party, Aizu ten comfort, large tea party, Aizu refined sake
Going to see cherry blossoms at night Moat, stone wall, fieldwork, large-scale light up of cherry tree
From April 5 to May 6
Sunset - 21:30 (in the case of the end between anthesis until 20:30)
Stall None
The right or wrong of banquet Possible
Instructions of banquet Fire strict prohibition
Special products Aizu lacquerware, picture candle, Aizu cotton, red beko, tumbler, sake
Entrance rate Free (ticket 510 yen for adults, 150 yen for children common throughout castle tower, tea-ceremony room "*kaku")
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