Akagi Nanmen Thousand Cherry Trees

Akagi Nanmen Thousand Cherry Trees
  • Tunnel of Cherry TreesTunnel of cherry tree
  • Hot spring, footbathHot spring, footbath
The flowering situation
Cherry tree in leaf Cherry tree in leaf Cherry tree in leaf (as of April 24, 2019)

Akagi southern aspect 1,000 cherry tree information site

Time, in full bloom of flower
The early April and mid-April

| 2511-2, Naegashimamachi, Maebashi-shi, Gunma

60-year-old Yoshino cherry trees are planted on the both side of the municipal road, for 1.3 kilometers, and make a stunning tunnel of cherry blossoms when they are in full bloom. At Miyagi Senbonzakura Forest situated next, visitors can appreciate 500 cherry trees of many kinds collected from Japan and all over the world as well as canola flowers. -

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Basic information

First View Point We stroll in tunnel of cherry tree
Access (railroad) It is about 15 minutes by car from Jomo Denki Tetsudo Ogo Station
Access (car) It is about 30 minutes from Beiguan way to the east Isesaki IC
It is about 40 minutes from Kanetsu Expressway Akagi IC
Access (others) We operate nonstop bus "flower circulation issue" from JR Maebashi Station (every day), TOBU RAILWAY Akagi Station (only on Saturday and Sunday) (it travels until from April 6 to April 21 during Cherry Blossom Festival period. Pay)
Traffic instructions There is traffic regulation
As road is crowded very much, we recommend the use of public transport
We are going to establish temporary parking lot (or we establish temporary parking lot in average year)
In addition, () paid as for from 6 to 21 on April from JR Maebashi Station and TOBU RAILWAY Akagi Station tour bus service ()
Parking lot Pay
Reference (public interest incorporated foundation) Association of Maebashi sightseeing convention 027-235-2211
Dial 027-288-0256 for exclusive use of the whole festival period
Cherry Blossom Festival Akagi Nanmen Thousand Cherry Festival
From April 7 to April 22 (there is change to flowering)
Product city, 1,000 cherry tree cherry blossom viewing stage presentations
Going to see cherry blossoms at night During Cherry Blossom Festival period, we overcharge boom and light up (there is change by weather)
From April 6 to April 21
Evening - 21:30 (plan)
Opening of the park, closing time 8:00-21:00 (until place 21:00 in the parking lot last containing)
Stall About 40-50 stores
The right or wrong of banquet Possible
Instructions of banquet Moratorium on fire
Entrance rate Free of charge
Twitter @senbonzakura353

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