Seidai Dam Park

Seidai Dam Park
  • The shore/bank of a river, dikeShore, the bank of a river, dike

Time, in full bloom of flower
The middle of May

| Akabane, Biei-cho, Hokkaido

Visitors can park the car at the parking lot in the park. The view of fresh green leaves, and the cherry blossoms and mountains reflected on the surface of the dam is stunning.

Information of publication may be changed without notice. Please confirm before outing to reference.

Basic information

First View Point Channeling of seidai dam which is chosen for 100 selections of channeling (Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries) and collaboration of cherry tree
Access (railroad) It is about 15 minutes by car from JR Biei Station
Access (car) It is about one hour via Route 237 from the Asahikawa city
Parking lot Free of charge
Reference Biei-cho economy culture promotion section 0166-92-4321
Cherry Blossom Festival None
Going to see cherry blossoms at night None
Opening of the park, closing time 24 hours opening
Stall None
The right or wrong of banquet Possible
Instructions of banquet We are prohibited from open fire
Entrance rate Free of charge

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