Omachi Park

Omachi Park
  • The playground equipment, animals and plants garden, theme parkIt is next to the animals and plants garden with playground equipment, theme park

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Time, the best time to see of flower
The mid-April and early May

| 8056-1, Omachi, Omachi-shi, Nagano

This park is located halfway up to Mt. Higashiyama overlooking the city. The view of the cherry blossoms with the northern Alps covered with residual snow is amazing.The park ground is a lawn and it is the perfect venue for having cherry blossoms viewing parties and get-togethers. The park has Yoshino cherry, Oyama cherry, and other cherry trees.The park is next to the Alpine Museum.The nearby tourist route and the row of cherry blossoms at Omachi cemetery are popular too. - - -

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Basic information

First View Point Cherry blossoms to look at backed by the magnificent Northern Alps. As it is small park, we can see mountain range from anywhere.
Access (railroad) It is about five minutes by car from JR Shinano-Omachi Station
Access (car) It is about 40 minutes via Route 147 or the Northern Alps panorama road from Nagano Expressway Azumino IC
Parking lot Free of charge
Reference Omachi-shi tourist association (about sightseeing) 0261-22-0190
Omachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (about waiting Cherry Blossom Festival) 0261-22-1890
Omachi-shi sightseeing section 0261-22-0420
Cherry Blossom Festival Waiting Cherry Blossom Festival
The mid-April and early May (and to flowering)
Going to see cherry blossoms at night Paper lantern lighting in park
The mid-April and early May (and to flowering)
Opening of the park, closing time 24 hours opening
Stall 3-4 stores
The right or wrong of banquet Possible
Instructions of banquet Take-out of garbage
Entrance rate Free of charge
Twitter @omachishikanko
Facebook Omachi-shi tourist association

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