Ohirasan Prefectural Nature Park

Ohirasan Prefectural Nature Park
  • Tunnel of Cherry TreesTunnel of cherry blossoms

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Time, the best time to see of flower
The late March and early April

| Hiraicho, Tochigi-shi, Tochigi

Approximately 4,000 cherry trees such as Yoshino cherry and Wild cherry trees have been planted on the entire Mt. Ohira, and its scenic path turns into a two-kilometer tunnel of cherry blossoms. There is a Weeping cherry tree aged 360 years at the Daisanji Temple on the foot of the mountain. It is said that Oraku no Kata, a mistress of the third General Iemitsu and the mother of the fourth General Ietsuna, planted the trees in memory of Iemitsu.

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Basic information

First View Point Observation platform, tunnel, Kenshin of cherry blossoms of sight-seeing road are flat
Access (railroad) It is about 20 minutes on foot from terminal "in front of Kokugakuin" getting off, there from the mountaintop from JR, Tobu Nikko Line Tochigi Station for Kanto Bus about 15 minutes for Kokugakuin
Access (car) It is about 15 minutes via Ohirayama sight-seeing road from Tohoku Expressway Tochigi IC
Traffic instructions There is traffic regulation
As road is crowded very much, we recommend the use of public transport
As parking lot becomes full immediately, we recommend the use of public transport
In addition, (in the parking lot, "only in Kenshin flat parking lot" of average, paid for Taihei wild cherry tree Festival period)
Parking lot Pay
Reference Tochigi-shi tourist association 0282-25-2356
Sightseeing in Tochigi-shi promotion section 0282-21-2374
URL https://www.tochigi-kankou.or.jp
Cherry Blossom Festival Taihei wild cherry tree Festival
The late March and early April (plan)
Going to see cherry blossoms at night We light up weeping cherry tree of large Yamadera (and to flowering)
Evening - 21:00 (large Yamadera) (plan)
Opening of the park, closing time It is always opened during period on Flower Day
Stall Stand is one house in eight houses, the foot near the mountaintop
The right or wrong of banquet Possible
Instructions of banquet It is possible only at stand
Special products Barbecued chicken, dumpling, omelet
Entrance rate Free of charge

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