Kimii Temple

Kimii Temple

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Kimiidera information site

Time, the best time to see of flower
The late March and early April

| 1201, Kimiidera, Wakayama-shi, Wakayama

This place is chosen as one of Japan’s 100 famous places for viewing cherry blossoms. The place is famous for being the site where cherry trees blossoms first in the Kansai Region. There are about 500 cherry trees, mainly Yoshino cherry trees. There are also sample trees in the precincts for observation by the weather station.

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Basic information

First View Point The precincts and the outskirts of stone wall. Fantastic atmosphere that was given scenery that looked up at the top from stairs halfway up a mountain of 231 steps and cherry blossoms in the precincts. We can enjoy scenery of ura of 31-syllable Japanese poem in anticipation of cherry blossoms.
Access (railroad) It is about 10 minutes on foot from JR Kimiidera Station
Access (car) It is about 30 minutes from Hanwa Expressway Wakayama IC
Traffic instructions As parking lot becomes full immediately, we recommend the use of public transport
In addition, (as it is crowded very much on Saturday and Sunday in full blossom, there is traffic regulation)
Parking lot Pay
Reference 073-444-1002, Kimiidera
Cherry Blossom Festival Kimiidera Cherry Blossom Festival
From March 20 to April 20
Going to see cherry blossoms at night Lighting up:
To flowering
Opening of the park, closing time 8:00-17:00 (main hall of a Buddhist temple, copied sutra place open time)
Stall One tea house
The right or wrong of banquet No
Entrance rate Worship charges 200 yen for adults, dwarf, 70 years or older 100 yen

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