Chausuyama Kogen Snow Park

Of this season is the best recommended

On every Saturday, free little child (lift berukon, less than primary schoolchild)

The run situation

Before the opening of/close of business Before the opening of/close of business
Quantity of snow: 0cm
Comment: Ski business of business end this season of this season was finished. (as of March 22, 2019)
Reference: Chausuyama Kogen skiing area 0536-87-2345

Aichi | Hokushin comfort county Toyone-mura larger section of a village slope 70-185, Goshotaira

This is the only ski resort in Aichi prefecture. As visitors can oversee the mountains of Southern Alps from the top with an elevation of 1,358 meters, they can fully enjoy the magnificence that they cannot believe they are in Aichi. As most visitors are families, the structure of courses to focus on easiness to play skiing for beginner is characteristic.

Information of publication may be changed without notice. Please confirm before outing to reference.

Slope course information

Run of snowboarding ○We can run entirely only on weekdays (except 1/1-1/3)

Course number 2   Up to an inclination of 30 degrees   Longest run distance 1km  

30% of beginner's classes   60% of intermediate   10% of upper grades

The number of the lifts: Gondola/lift/others Pair 2, berukon 2 (travolator)

Basic information

Access (car) It is about 85km from Tomei Expressway Nagoya IC
Access (railroad) It is about 50 minutes by car from JR Toei Station
Parking lot Available  1,000  Free of charge
Reference Chausuyama Kogen skiing area 0536-87-2345
Contact information on that day 0536-87-2345
TEL service 0536-87-2070
Season (business period) From December 22 to the middle of March
Lift Normal service time (Sunday holiday)  8:30-16:30
Saturday normal at service time  8:30-16:30
Normal service time (days before holidays)  8:30-16:30
Normal service time (weekdays)  8:30-16:30
Rate, ticket class 1-day ticket   Rate, adult 3,500 yen (dwarf 2,500 yen)  
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