Okushiga Kogen Ski Resort

Nagano | Yamanouchi-machi, Shimotakai-gun depths Shiga Kogen

The Okushiga Kogen Ski Resort, located on the northeastern slope of Mt. Yakibitai in the innermost areas of the Shiga Kogen Ski Resort, is a ski resort for those who want to go all out and experience a truly full-fledged ski resort. This is a ski paradise with a variety of slopes that families and professional skiers can enjoy. It is also equipped with quality snow, a scale that is one notch above other resorts, and superior gourmet food that visitors can enjoy up to early May. The representative course is the downhill course on the eastern side (Obora side) and the second professional course on the northeastern side (Okushiga side). The length of the courses on both sides exceeds 2,000 meters.

Information of publication may be changed without notice. Please confirm before outing to reference.

Slope course information

Run of snowboarding ◎It is slidable entirely

Course number 9   Up to an inclination of 30 degrees   Longest run distance 3km  

20% of beginner's classes   60% of intermediate   20% of upper grades

The number of the lifts: Gondola/lift/others Pair 5, gondola 1

Basic information

Access (car) It is about 40km, about one hour from Joshinetsu Expressway Shinshu-Nakano IC
Access (railroad) It is bus about one hour from for express bus about 1 hour 45 minutes via Hasuike bus stop or Nagano Dentetsu Nagano Line Yudanaka Station from JR Nagano Station
Parking lot Available  600  Free of charge
Reference Association of Shiga Kogen cableway 0269-34-2588
Depths Shiga Kogen skiing area 0269-34-2225
URL http://www.okushiga.jp/
Contact information on that day 0269-34-2225
Season (business period) From December 7 to May 6 (up to quantity of snow)
Lift Normal service time (Sunday holiday)  8:00-16:30 (there is change by time, weather for business hours)
Saturday normal at service time  8:00-16:30 (there is change by time, weather for business hours)
Normal service time (days before holidays)  8:30-16:00 (there is change by time, weather for business hours)
Normal service time (weekdays)  8:30-16:00 (there is change by time, weather for business hours)
1-day ticket common throughout the rate, ticket class Shiga Kogen entire temple   Rate, adult 5,500 yen  
Park name Free Line Park
Park contents (item name) Kicker, lane
Twitter @okushigakogen
Facebook Depths Shiga Kogen skiing area -Okushiga kogen-

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