Makino Highland Makino Ski Area

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Makino Highland Makino Ski Area

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The run situation

Before the opening of/close of business Before the opening of/close of business
Quantity of snow: 0cm
Comment: We finished business of this season and did business and were finished. (as of March 1, 2019)
Reference: Makino Heights Administration Office 0740-27-0936

Shiga | Takashima-shi Makino-cho 931, Makino

The vast slope, 300,000 square meters spread at the foot of Mt. Akasaka (824 meters), is a ski resort of Kansai of old standing, which opened in the beginning of the Showa period. This is a slope that children as well as beginners of skiing and snowboarding can enjoy themselves, and as it is especially popular among families, playing on a sled and on snow is the most suitable. Not lifts but moving sidewalk is operated.

Information of publication may be changed without notice. Please confirm before outing to reference.

Slope course information

Run of snowboarding ◎It is slidable entirely

Course number 1   Up to an inclination of 25 degrees   Longest run distance 1km  

80% of beginner's classes   20% of intermediate   0% of upper grades

The number of the lifts: Gondola/lift/others The sun kid (travolator) 1

Basic information

Access (car) It is about 30km, about 30 minutes from Hokuriku Expressway Kinomoto IC
Access (railroad) "In front of Makino Takahara Onsen sarasa" getting off foot is immediate from JR Makino Station for town bus about ten minutes
Parking lot Available  700  1,000 yen (Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays), 500 yen (weekdays)
Reference Makino Heights Administration Office 0740-27-0936
Contact information on that day 0740-27-0936
Season (business period) The early January and early March (as soon as we lie)
Lift Normal service time (Sunday holiday)  8:00-17:00
Saturday normal at service time  8:00-17:00
Normal service time (days before holidays)  8:00-17:00
Normal service time (weekdays)  8:00-17:00
Rate, ticket class 1-day ticket   Rate, adult 1,000 yen  
Twitter @sarasaan0936

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