Sake Tori Festival

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Toyama | Oyabe-shi

It is a ritual held at the annual spring festival of Shimogoze Sinmei Shrine. It is one of the strange festivals in Japan. To pray for a perfect health, yaku-otoko (unlucky men) wear a loincloth and a headband, scramble to get sacred Sake from the priest with the dipper and give it to the worshippers and visitors. The event is also to pray for a good harvest.

Basic information

The location 〒932-0101 Shimogoze, Oyabe-shi, Toyama
Reference Oyabe-shi tourist association
TEL 0766-30-2266

Business period -
The April 11, 2019 every year same day

Access ・It is 15 minutes by car from Ainokaze Toyama Railway Isurugi Station
・It is three minutes by car from ability Koedo Oyabe east IC

The site Shimogoze Shinmei shrine (shimogozeshimmeiguu)