Sake Tori Festival

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Toyama | Oyabe-shi

It is a ritual held at the annual spring festival of Shimogoze Sinmei Shrine. It is one of the strange festivals in Japan. To pray for a perfect health, yaku-otoko (unlucky men) wear a loincloth and a headband, scramble to get sacred Sake from the priest with the dipper and give it to the worshippers and visitors. The event is also to pray for a good harvest.

Basic information

The location 〒932-0101 Shimogoze, Oyabe-shi, Toyama
Reference Oyabe-shi tourist association
TEL 0766-30-2266

Business period Holding
The April 11, 2019 every year same day

Access ・It is 15 minutes by car from aino-style Toyama railroad Isurugi Station
・It is three minutes by car from ability Koedo Oyabe east IC

The site Shimogoze Shinmei shrine (shimogozeshimmeiguu)