We show around areas where oneself live in by volunteer and are people introducing. As it is not professional, we introduce warm local charm to tourist visiting at rate that is free of charge or cheapness.

In late years such a guide activity becomes active in each places of the whole country. We contribute to community improvement without remaining in local introduction, and importance of role that sightseeing volunteer guide activity carries out for local activation and interchange has been increasing more and more recently.

In the sightseeing volunteer guide organization moving into action in each place, there is our association nearly 1,700 now just to grasp.

We attend the training course carrying out, and sightseeing volunteer guide often consists of each group or municipalities led by the completion student. While everybody values "heart of hospitality", we act as being able to be pleased with people visiting area for the acquisition of effort to usually know area for bread and new knowledge and work on activity every day.

National volunteer guide activities

1. The number of organization, guides 2. Guide rate
The number of the organizations 1,688 organization Organizations guiding for a fee are a little under 40%
※Japanese sightseeing promotion association findings
43,996 number of the guides